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Export of fish, shrimp and other marine

and farmed fish

Partnership and investment in production

with other companies

Abzi Farayand Bushehr Company

is considered as one of the biggest and most equipped aquatic products processing factories of Bushehr province in Iran. One 6-layer sorting line machine with capacity of 3 tons/hour, two freezing tunnels with total capacity of 20 tons and 3 storage refrigerators with total capacity of 1350 tons are amongst capacities and capabilities of this factory.

Delicious and Different Experience with AFB Seafood

Services :

Export and import of marine and farmed shrimp and fish and other related goods.
General and partial lease of the factory and all facilities of the company.
Buying and selling aquatic feed.
Aquatic and veterinary clinic.
Collection, freezing, processing and packaging of aquatic animals.
Participation and investment in production with other companies.

Products :

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